Legal Department

Legal Department


Legal Department Mission

1 – Preparing, drafting and reviewing all contracts and agreements concluded by the company with clients.

2 – Providing legal services required by all types of contracts and registering them for hotel suites offered for sale.

3- Provide opinion and legal advice regarding the interpretation of laws and regulations and all the advice required by the client.

4- Work to find solutions to cases or problems that are not covered by the law or that there are no clear legislations regarding them.

5 – Studying customer complaints and expressing a legal opinion thereon.

6- Supervising the legal translation of legislation, regulations and legal correspondence that requires translation into other languages.

7- Responding to all legal questions and inquiries and providing legal advice regarding the legal rights, obligations and duties of clients.

8- Work to clear all governmental transactions for clients regarding the transfer of ownership of the property and so on.